​EHR Optimization

Complete EHR Optimization including: ICD-10 upgrades and template updates, Customized Reporting & Analytics, EHR & Workflow training, and Patient Portals and inter-operability.  

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HIPAA Watchdog (New)


HIPAA Watchdog tool provides a comprehensive HIPAA Security Risk Management and Monitoring tool for Physician Organizations. Following our easy five-step process, you can comply with Meaningful Use requirements, and demonstrate compliance through documentation in case of an audit.

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 Complete Meaningful Use



This complete service includes: Complete MU Stage 2 support, Patient portal support, HIE interface support, Custom reports & templates, and Patient engagement & PCMH assistance.  

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HIPAA Watchdog is Launched!

PRWeb News Release - June 10, 2015

HIPAA Watchdog’s comprehensive and affordable HIPAA compliance software delivered as a service, annual subscription provides round-the-clock, round-the-year protection and guaranteed HIPAA compliance. We offer a confidential approach for healthcare organizations to maintain and track all of their privacy and security efforts. Torrance, California (PRWEB)

June 10, 2015 -- Over 100 customers have already used HIPAA Watchdog with complete satisfaction. HIPAA Watchdog is the only HIPAA security compliance product that comprehensively addresses all of an organization’s privacy and security compliance needs from one portal. Here’s what a few of our customers are saying.

"It was a great tool to quickly point out where the work needs to done. The process was great." - Office Manager, Big Sur, CA Health Center

"HIPAA Watchdog offered an easy and straightforward way to meet our HIPAA goals. The website and initial assessment at the office were very helpful." - Office Manager, Saleem A. Waraich, M.D.

"I was very new to this. They were a great help, I recommended them to several offices in our area." - Office Manager, Indian River Surgery Center, Vero Beach, FL

Annual Subscription includes:

HIPAA Risk Assessments: HIPAA Watchdog allows a covered entity or business associate to conduct their own privacy and security assessments.

Risk Management: HIPAA Watchdog assessments result in an organization’s Risk Management Plan based on risks and ratings identified in the assessments. You can store and update your ongoing Privacy and Security Risk improvements as you implement them in this plan.

Policies and Procedures: HIPAA Watchdog allows you to develop and maintain your health center’s Security Policies and Procedures.

HIPAA Compliance for Employees: Online Training and the ability to track employees’ completion of their annual HIPAA training is included in the Organizational Profile.

HIPAA Compliance for Vendors: HIPAA Watchdog allows organizations to send and track their vendors’ Business Associate Agreements (BAAs).

HIPAA Watchdog Alerts: Monthly Automatic notifications remind you when it’s time to update specific measures in your organization to remain HIPAA compliant.

Secure Email: Send and receive secure emails from one account for free or sign-up for multiple accounts.

Expert Support: Live help combined with support from a certified Security Expert ensure you understand and comply with the national privacy and security standards.

Media Contact: Suzanne Patterson 
HIPAA Watchdog 
Division of e2o Health 
(800) 409-0096 

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Specialist Meaningful Use Assistance Available for Specialists in Orange County



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 Specialist Meaningful Use Assistance Program

COREC has partnered with e2o Health to assist Specialists with Meaningful Use assistance. This program is designed for specialists in Orange County who require professional assistance in order to select and implement an electronic health record (EHR), reach Meaningful Use Stage 1 (MU Stage 1), Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU Stage 2), or expertise in privacy and security assessments for their practice.

CalOptima Foundation’s Board of Directors allocated funding to provide specialists in Orange County similar opportunities as PCPs for EHR assistance. Specialists interested in receiving assistance in this program must meet the following criteria:

•     Specialist must be contracted with CalOptima either with CalOptima Direct (COD) or the CalOptima Community Network (CCN).

•     Specialist must serve CalOptima Medi-Cal and/or Medicare members

•     Specialist can belong to a medical group with 10 or fewer physicians, or be individual or partner practices.

The following are further details of assistance that are available:

1.    EHR Install or upgrade: For specialists who do not have an EHR at all or need to change from one EHR to another due to attestation requirements. Service will include assessment and go-live.          

2.    Attestation and/or Year 1 assistance: Support for Meaningful Use Stage 1, Year 1 for Security Risk Assessment (SRA) and Privacy and Security for specialists with EHR who need to attest and if qualified

3.    MU Stage 1, Year 2: For specialists needing Meaningful Use Stage 1, Year 2 assistance with SRA, and Privacy and Security and to reach Stage 2             

4.    MU Stage 2, Year 1: For specialists needing Meaningful Use Stage 2, Year 1 support in SRA, and Privacy and Security       

There is limited funding available for this program and specialists interested will be enrolled into the program on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information about the program, please email us at info@corecoc.org or call us at: 855-241-1145.

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Fifth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy and Security of Healthcare Data, May 2015

Fifth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy and Security of Healthcare Data


Activity Monitoring must be part of a security footprint in healthcare organizations. For the first time, criminal attacks are the #1 cause of data breaches.This percentage is up 125% compared to five years ago.

Criminal activity is part of everyday business in healthcare: 65% of healthcare organizations and 87% of BA’s report electronic health data based security incidents in the past two years. Many healthcare organizations believe that they don’t have adequate funding to combat this.

Over the past five years, the most often reported root cause of breaches moved from stolen computers to criminal attacks, and employee negligence remains a top concern.

Trends in Privacy & Security – 2010 - 2015

trends in privacy security may 2015-full

Root Causes of Data Breaches in Healthcare Organizations

Criminal attack 45%
Lost/stolen computer devices 43%
Unintentional employee action 40%
Technical System glitch 31%


Assessing Risks after a Security Incident

50% of healthcare organizations assess risks following a security incident.

Process Percentage
Ad hoc process 34%
Automated process or software tool 27%
Incident response management platform 11%
Engage 3rd parties 10%
Free tool 5%

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10 Weeks to ICD-10 Hands-on Workshop Training - May 15 to July 17

10 Weeks to ICD-10 Hands-on Workshop Training

Starting May 15th, e2o Health will launch a paid 10 Weeks to ICD-10 Hands-on Workshop series. These workshops will help providers complete the tasks necessary to roll-out ICD-10 by October 1st, 2015. They provide:

  • Action Oriented ICD-10 Planning through a Project Management tool
  • A dedicated project manager assigned for 10 weeks of support for your ICD-10 transition effort
  • 10 hours of consulting outside the 10 weeks of Hands-On workshops
    •  5 hours for documentation impact  assessment
    •  5 hours of Project Management Support

First session     May 15th to July 17th

The cost for EARLY BIRD SPECIAL is $2000 if you sign-up by May 15th.

To sign up for the 10 Weeks to ICD-10 Hands-on Workshop training, call (800) 409-0096 extension 102 or 212.

 Workshop Sessions

The 10 Workshop sessions are designed to complete ICD-10 implementation within 10 Weeks.

  1. Project Planning for ICD-10 Migration
  2. Monitoring Progress by surveys and assessments
  3. Impact Assessment
  4. Chart Auditing
  5. Create education flashcards and favorites lists for staff 
  6. ICD-10 Hands-on Training
  7. Assistance in testing claims to payers and Clearinghouses
  8. Prepare you to lead the ICD-10 implementation
  9. Online subscription to ICD-9 to ICD-10 Conversion Tool
  10. Access to various Tools and Templates for ICD10 Transiti

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Five More Facts about ICD-10

Five More Facts about ICD-10

Last week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) shared five facts dispelling misperceptions about the transition to ICD-10. Here are five more facts addressing common questions and concerns CMS has heard about ICD-10:

  1. If you cannot submit ICD-10 claims electronically, Medicare offers several options.
    CMS encourages you to prepare for the transition and be ready to submit ICD-10 claims electronically for all services provided on or after October 1, 2015. But if you are not ready, Medicare has several options for providers who are unable to submit claims with ICD-10 diagnosis codes due to problems with the provider’s system. Each of these requires that the provider be able to code in ICD-10:
    • Free billing software that can be downloaded at any time from every Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC)
    • In about ½ of the MAC jurisdictions, Part B claims submission functionality on the MAC’s provider internet portal
    • Submitting paper claims, if the Administrative Simplification Compliance Act waiver provisions are met
    If you take this route, be sure to allot time for you or your staff to prepare and complete training on free billing software or portals before the compliance date.
  2. Practices that do not prepare for ICD-10 will not be able to submit claims for services performed on or after October 1, 2015.
    Unless your practice is able to submit ICD-10 claims, whether using the alternate methods described above or electronically, your claims will not be accepted. Only claims coded with ICD-10 can be accepted for services provided on or after October 1, 2015.
  3. Reimbursement for outpatient and physician office procedures will not be determined by ICD-10 codes. 
    Outpatient and physician office claims are not paid based on ICD-10 diagnosis codes but on CPT and HCPCS procedure codes, which are not changing. However, ICD-10-PCS codes will be used for hospital inpatient procedures, just as ICD-9 codes are used for such procedures today. Also, ICD diagnosis codes are sometimes used to determine medical necessity, regardless of care setting.
  4. Costs could be substantially lower than projected earlier.
    Recent studies by 3M and the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management have found many EHR vendors are including ICD-10 in their systems or upgrades—at little or no cost to their customers. As a result, software and systems costs for ICD-10 could be minimal for many providers.
  5. It’s time to transition to ICD-10.
    ICD-10 is foundational to modernizing health care and improving quality. ICD-10 serves as a building block that allows for greater specificity and standardized data that can:
    • Improve coordination of a patient’s care across providers over time
    • Advance public health research, public health surveillance, and emergency response through detection of disease outbreaks and adverse drug events
    • Support innovative payment models that drive quality of care
    • Enhance fraud detection efforts

Keep Up to Date on ICD-10
Visit the CMS ICD-10 website for the latest news and resources to help you prepare. Sign up for CMS ICD-10 Industry Email Updates and follow us on Twitter.

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